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In shelter Dog

Amherst, NY, 14226
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Gray / Blue / Silver
*Please read entire Bio before considering*

Meet Harmony! Harmony is a perfect pitty girl around 2-3 years old and weighs about 45lbs. Shes got a lot of nicknames; Harmy, Harmo, Momo and she responds phenomenally to them all! Harmo LOVES other dogs and would be SO happy to have herself a forever FUR sibling or two. She is little but mighty, she can easily hang with dogs of different energy levels. She gets excitable towards little puppies at first but she adjusts quickly to their level of play with some guidance from her foster Mom. Harmo LOVES to snuggle and be close to her people. She is the perfect size to snuggle up on your lap or next to you in bed. Harmo is also house trained and crate trained. She is well behaved in the house when her foster parents are gone without the need to be crated. When Harmony came to live with her foster parents she was very nervous and fearful of meeting new people and displayed fear in the vet office. Our amazing foster team has worked with Harmony for a few months and her vetting behavior has improved tremendously, the Vet team was so impressed at her last visit! And her introductions to new people have become so routine. She does require special and slow introductions with new people but once she knows you, she wants nothing but to give you her whole heart. Right now, we are working with her fear of meeting new men. She LOVES her foster Dad and we do have faith she can love more men with patience and consistency. This girl has SO much love to give and truly wants to receive it back. Harmo is great with structured walks as well! She is not leash reactive and likes to walk close her foster Dad or Mom on a leash. Shes a pretty easy going girl and is happy doing whatever her people are doing. Whether its high energy activities or snuggled up in bed all afternoon. Her foster parents think shed do great in agility courses! Harmony has so much potential and is looking for a family who will meet all her needs. 2-3 meet and greets would be required so Harmo can feel comfortable with her new family and visa versa! Harmony has not had any interactions with young children and at this time we think shed thrive best in a home with no kids. We want to set her up for success! If you want a lifetime of love, affection and loyalty, Harmony is your girl. Please apply at


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