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In shelter Dog

Chula Vista, CA, 91911
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Hey there! Im a sweet girl just looking for my fur-ever home. I do well with meeting new people and making new memories with you guys. Once leashed Im ready to go-go-gooo!! I do pull on leash, but only out of excitement. Im easily managable to train how to walk better. Overall when meeting new people I may come off slightly rude by jumping on you, help me learn that its not always a good idea to do that. I can be corrected. I do tolerate invasive handling, I honestly enjoy any type of attention given to me. It calms me down actually, just soaking in all the pets and belly rubs. One thing about me is I prefer to play with my hoomans!! Im not 100% sure how to play with toys, but maybe Ill learn as I get adjusted to everything. To get your attention I will continously jump on you to get your attention. I also love food and treat so so much! I dont really want to share but if I have to I. I did come in with a buddy here but I wasnt good at sharing my food with them so if I do go into a home with another buddy, we cannot share anything. So maybe I should be the only pet! I like that idea. Like I said, I came in with a buddy but I dont like every single dog I meet. My preference is to be alone but I will cautiously meet another dog. If they start bugging me I will let them know Im annoyed, so I would recommend monitored dog introductions. If I sound like your type of dog, I hope to meet you soon!


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