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In shelter Dog

Dallas, TX, 75238
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
White / Cream
Hello, I am Blanca and I am a rescue! My trauma causes me to not like little kids because they scream, move fast and give me anxiety. I can be sketchy and I need time to myself to relax. Also, visitors are not my favorite. I do not hate male humans but need extra time to get introduced since my abusers were tall males. My warnings come with great rewards! I am a huge love bug that wants and requires a lot of cuddles, love, attention, and playtime! I have more positives when we become best friends and we can go on walks and hikes. I am a crazy bowlder and dont realize how much of a heavy girl I am but its all done with energetic love and even care. I love playing with dogs! I once had three dog friends over and had a blast being chased. I also love my feline friends! My friend cat and I would wrestle without anybody getting majorly hurt! If anything my friend would accidentally scratch my face and Id cry to stop. I do see street cats as a game so I keep them out of my property. I need an owner that can take care of my energetic ways and that can have PATIENCE when I first arrive.

Blanca is a 3 year old pit mix girl and is house trained. She is a huge love bug who needs attention, is energetic but can also be calm and a great addition to somebodys active medium to large dogs. Her favorite things are the zoomies, large sticks and squeaker toys to play fetch with. When first rescued she was crate trained but I stopped using it about a year later since she likes being stretched out while sleeping. Weve gone out where we needed to keep her in a crate for a bit and she did just fine, maybe a little resistance but overall good. In a new environment you are going to need her cage. Shes also great with indoor cats but not outside once, she likes chasing those. A note is that my cat and her would play and even wrestle without my cat ever getting hurt and she will leave other indoor cats alone if they show defensive signs. 

Your first introduction to Blanca might not be a dream, its going to be a relationship thats going to take TIME, PATIENCE and WORK. It is not her fault. Her past was chaotic, filled with physical beatings, locked in a feces filled cage, starved, you name it. My sister rescued her at around 5 months nurturing her back to health with the help of her dog who was super supportive. That said she has trauma from her past that includes being skittish, not good with young kids, not good with visitors, male humans arent her favorite but she CAN get over that when she meets them and when very scared she defecates and pees. She also pees when excited: she has gotten much better at not doing that. She makes weird aggressive sounds when playing but she is just playing, other people with good reason dont like it. Shes been a hurt soul who just needs to be UNDERSTOOD and a new owner that can be PATIENT when she arrives. 

Blanca is participating in The Love Pits iRehome program, so ongoing care and custody are provided by their foster. All behavior and medical information is provided by their caretaker, and TLP encourages all adopters to verify the information with their caretaker prior to adoption.


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