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In shelter Dog

Franklin, TN, 37069
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Sometimes it is hard to write a bio when you have never met a dog but

heard about them. But Miss Ruby Pearl is not one of those dogs that will

ever be hard to write about. Miss Ruby Momma to many Pearl is easy and

welcomed and an honor to present to a world that needs more kindness and

sweetness offered to our stressed souls who are looking for a gift of love.

This precious momma dog that birthed 7 of the most beautiful puppies (ALL

ADOPTED) is looking for her own place in the sun. A place in someones

bruised heart that is looking for a soul that knows the pain and has love to

give her for many years to come. Our photographer who fosters and does 10+

photos weekly of our foster dogs, said Ruby Pearl was one of the sweetest

girls she had ever photographed. She was friendly, spunky and just wanted

to be skipping along beside them as they took pictures of other dogs at the

foster home. Her comments made, were that Ruby Pearl will be an amazing

love bug for someone. Look beyond the Pitbull package exterior if you have

to....and the sagging boobs that have fed too many litters in the past (and

it stopped here with us at Critter Cavalry Rescue ) and see this awesome

soul that loves the universe and everything in that universe. She connects

in ways to people and animals that is beyond definition. We are looking

for a home for this girl that will be there for her and she for them. A 9

hour day crated will not suite her needs but we could see her as a therapy

dog if you are so inclined to train for it. She is that solid and good.

She is about 2-3 years old and weighs 42 pounds. She is short in stature

and one of these pictures of her with her eyes closed is the day she was

brought home from the shelter and imminent to give birth. You can see her

relief and her prayer to God, thanking Him for giving her a way OUT to

have her babies in freedom and a clean environment. She was left abandoned

at a rental house and tied to the front porch with milk dripping from her

bosoms as she was preparing to drop 7 babies. No

water...nothing. She was left behind with dilapidated mattresses stacked

against the house and a long rope for her to be tethered to the porch.

Pitiful and unjust to treat a very pregnant momma dog to this rejection.

Her babies are adopted.... but this sweet Mamma of them, raised beautifully

and lovingly, giving her wonderful DNA and soul to them, now needs her own

break in life. She is wonderful with dogs, cats and a joy when meeting

people. Ambassador, Queen Momma, Sweet and Joyful Friend....and confidant

when you have had a bad day. These are all descriptions that could be

placed upon Miss Ruby Pearls Shoulders and paraded down the doggie aisle

and runway. Wont you consider this most special girl? A dog with the most

precious spirit that will change your life for merely an adoption fee after

filling out the adoption form. Ruby Pearl is a Pearl that withstood the grit

of life and become a precious jewel.

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