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Miss Boss   

In shelter Dog

Fresno, CA, 93725
Pet name:
Miss Boss
Pit Bull Terrier
Brown / Chocolate
Special Needs Doggie! (The Divine) Miss Boss Shes large and in-charge and knows what she wants. And what she really, really wants is her own family. Boss is looking for a very special friend; someone who will overlook her shortcomings, work with her on challenges, and most of all, appreciate her for her talents. If that sounds like a lot, it might be, but Miss Boss is totally worth it! First thing first: for Boss, compromise is key. She wants to be your partner! Some may consider it a shortcoming, but we think it demonstrates her intelligence. Boss can be a little bit stubborn. Say, you want to walk across the street, but there is a great scent (or a big puddle) she needs to examine on the grass. Well, Boss will let you know that shes not ready to cross the street. She wont bolt, but she will stop and will stay where she stops until you compromise. A little treat and a kind word and she knows youre working WITH her. Shes ready to please. So why does a little thing like compromise require a special friend for Boss? Boss has one big challenge. She has never met a fence she cant get over. Never. No one knows what shes running from, or running to. We dont think she really knows. When asked why he climbed Mt Everest, George Mallory responded: "Because its there. Thats Boss. Sadly, the world is not a friendly place for a big girl like Boss to run loose. Thats why she needs a very special friend. Someone who will protect her from her own inner challenge. If you are that person, someone willing to put in the time and the resources to keep her safe and loved, you will earn a friendship (and plenty of fun stories) that will make your heart shine! Boss is not only beautiful inside and out, she is very talented and she knows it all. Sit, Down, Up, Off, Stay, Come; (relative to these last two, Boss is admittedly a bit selective in her response ). Boss is loyal, loving, funny, playful, treat driven, good on a leash, an excellent running partner, very smart and an all-around wonderful companion. As you can see by her photos, Miss Boss is a favorite to many volunteers at ACT. She is has our dog walking group named after her, "The Boss Walk." The group walks every day. Call if youd like to walk and meet Miss Boss. Shes willing and eager to be a partner, are you?

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Animal Compassion Team of California

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