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In shelter Dog

Grafton, OH, 44044
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Ivy is a 6-month-old 30-pound Pit Bull Terrier Mix.  She was picked up as a stray and contracted parvo while at a local county shelter.  Once recovered, Ivy needed a rescue to help her find her furever family, and so found her way to Multiple Breed Rescue.

Ivy is a very typical puppy.  She is working on learning manners like any puppy needs to.  Ivy has pretty much figured out what is acceptable to chew (toys) and what is not (furniture, shoes) and is mostly potty trained, but will need continued training and supervision to ensure she keeps up with her good habits.  She is very eager to please her humans and is very treat motivated, so continued training should not be a difficult undertaking.  Ivy loves to give kisses and follows her people everywhere.  Ivy LOVES to be outside, loves other dogs, and enjoys stuffies and tug toys.  She responds well to her name, and has learned "leave it" and "off".  This girl is not only beautiful but so smart!  Ivys foster mom says she is the perfect mix of playful and chill.  Ivy has done well with children as young as 2 years old, and just seems to adore everyone she meets.  She is crate trained, and enjoys going in it to take naps and to sleep through the night.  Ivy is estimated to be a 50 to 60-pound dog when full grown, but that is JUST an estimate.  If your family is looking for a little lady to add to your home, sweet Ivy could be your girl!

All dogs available for adoption are in foster homes. Please do not visit the location as it is a privately run boarding, training, and grooming facility. Meet and greets are scheduled by appointment only for approved adopters.

Age: 6 months

Adoption fee: $400.00


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