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In shelter Dog

Hibbing, MN, 55746
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Gray / Blue / Silver
Hi! My name is Artemis. Im a pit bull, 5.5 years old (D.O.B: 1-18-2017), 56 lbs, & I have a grey/blue coloring.

Im a chunky girl with lots of love to give! Sure, I may need to lose a good 5 lbs, but well worry about that later! Let me tell you about whats underneath the fluff! Like I said, Im a HUGE lover-girl. I can never get enough attention from people. Hugs, pets, cuddles, play time, whatever! I could do it 24/7. Ive been around all kinds of adults, I lived with 5 kids, & Im just a super social dog!

However, thats only with people. I used to be okay with dogs up until a few years ago, but I was attacked by another dog when I was younger, & it definitely traumatized me. Now, I get defensive & aggressive towards other dogs as a response. I have gotten into fights a couple times due to that. I wont be allowed to live in places like apartments, or anywhere that has a landlord, only if you own your own home. Preferably out in the country so there arent other dogs close by, if possible. Unfortunately, Ill just never be able to coexist with other animals (Cats included!). That doesnt make me a bad dog, though! Itll make me tougher to own, sure, but Im well worth the extra effort! Thats a promise!

Ive been spayed, but Ill need an updated rabies shot before I can leave. If youre looking for a girl who might be a bit of a challenge, but will give you more love & affection than any dog youve ever had, come check me out sometime!


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