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In shelter Dog

Littleton, CO, 80126
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Brown / Chocolate
5 years old and sweet but sad little Susi is having to start all over. Susi is a 60lb Staffordshire Terrier Mix that was fostered by a local family after her arrival in Colorado from a shelter in Arkansas at 8 weeks old. They adopted her and cared for her for the past 5 years, but now say Susi never really "fit in." She was wary of unfamiliar dogs and would protect her family in ways that might make people nervous (growling, barking, pulling, etc when strangers approached her people). Susi simply thought she was doing her job. Eventually, Susis family decided to get another dog. Susi grew to love her new doggie sibling although unfamiliar dogs continued to make her nervous.

Susis family has recently decided they want to move out of state. They plan to take the new, younger dog with them, but Susi, who continues to be protective of her people and nervous when meeting new dogs, didnt get to make the move with them. Susi was sad, she was confused, and is wondering where the people she has known virtually her entire life have gone. Dont worry Susi, we will find a forever family for you! We know Susis real forever family is out there somewhere just waiting to welcome her with open arms, open hearts, and a warm, loving home where she can rest assured they will love her for all of her days!

Susi recently completed an intensive board and train program to help her adjust to her new life and begin the socialization process that should have started 5 years ago. Susi loves people of any age including children. She has graduated from obedience training classes and does very well with basic commands. She is highly motivated by food and affection and eager to please her people. Susi loves to be around her people as much as possible and will follow you from room to room just to be by you. She loves the outdoors and enjoys going on walks. Her favorite toys are rope tugs and anything chewable although she quickly destroys even the "indestructible" toys in a playful manner. Susi enjoyed living with another dog for much of her life and loves her canine companion however, meeting new dogs requires strict and proper introductions and she may be best suited as a single pup in the home as long-term success is hard to discover. Watching her cues and correcting her behaviors when she gets nervous will be essential for success. Even when socializing with dogs outside of the home, Susi will need slow, proper introductions to any new dogs. Susi is potty trained and crate trained. She will arrive with a well-documented journal of her training and recommendations. 

Were certain that Susis sadness is just temporary as there is a family out there just waiting for this sweet girl to join their crew and give her a lifetime, a REAL lifetime, of love, affection, and happiness. 

Homeownership Required & breed restrictions will apply.

Adoption fee includes the following:

\tRabies Vaccination
\tDistemper / Parvo Vaccines (includes series of 3 for puppies)
\tMicrochip with prepaid lifetime registration


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