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In shelter Dog

Los Angeles, CA, 90034
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Gray / Blue / Silver
Koa is a 3 year old female pitty that would make a GREAT addition to a family with children or an active adult household. Koa has spent a lot of time training on obedience; she is crate trained, housebroken, walks well on leash, knows "place", and has an absolute love with kids. Koa needs a strong leader as well as work on thresholds; but she has made fantastic improvements with them. She has had a few incidents in her previous home where she slipped the leash or slipped past someone in an open door and gotten into altercations with other dogs, one resulting in an actual bite. Previously Koa was fine with large and small dogs with proper introductions, she lived with a small dog for a period of time as well and she used to attend dog parks without incident. She also got along amazingly with the neighbors boxer. We believe with a strong & confident handler, Koa COULD get along with dogs again, but it would consist of very slow intros, strict boundaries and a confident leader. Her behavior with cats and other small animals is unknown at this time. She is an amazingly loving and snuggly dog that would be great to go everywhere with or stay home and chill on the couch with you. Koa is very adaptable and a quick learner as well as highly food motivated.

If you are interest in adopting Koa and adding her to your family, please apply at and send us an email!


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