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Jai Lee   

In shelter Dog

Minneapolis, MN, 55430
Pet name:
Jai Lee
Pit Bull Terrier
Sex:  MALE/FEMALE     Age:  8 Months

GOOD with dogs, GOOD with kids, PLAYFUL with cats


Hello my name is Jal Lee and I am 6 months old! I am an ADORABLE puppy. I am a little shy at first but warm up quickly. I love to run around and play and chew on my toys. I have an older foster dog sister who is about 8 times my size, but I love to wrestle and play with her and I can hold my own. There are kitties in my house who I love to try to play with and chase but they are not to fond of me (their loss not mine). There is also two tiny humans in my house who I absolutely adore and love to play with and snuggle! My all time favorite past time is snuggling! I will ask to be picked up and always want to nap in your lap. I am learning normal puppy things like not chewing on inappropriate things, boundaries in the house, walking on a leash, kennel training, and of course potty. I still havent learned not to go in the house, but with a routine, I rarely have accidents! I do not like my kennel when I’m first put in but once I’m settled I do okl!  I’ll bet if I learn to associate the kennel with treats, I will probably learn to love it! I am super smart and already know "sit" and am working on "down" and even "stay." If you want some serious puppy snuggles, apply today to meet me! 

Your future companion,

Jal Lee (added 6.24.2022)


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