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Hallie Hippo   

In shelter Dog

Newport, KY, 41072
Pet name:
Hallie Hippo
Pit Bull Terrier
Hallie is a pit mix. She is great with other dogs and kids of all ages. She is house trained and shes perfecting crate training. She will need a hard plastic or heavy duty metal crate as she can get out of traditional wire crates. Hallie LOVES to be near her people, she is the best cuddler! She is super playful, has a big personality, and is so gentle. She loves to sunbathe on the deck and swim in the doggy pool. She enjoys walks around the neighborhood and all the attention of the neighbor kids.

Hallie came to SAAP after her previous owners asked one of our partner shelters to euthanize her. When she arrived to her foster home we learned she had been abused and is terrified of hands of strangers approaching her face/body. She is more fearful of men than women. And new environments/people take her some time to warm up to. Due to her past, her adopters will need to be willing to help her build confidence, and teach her that humans are nice and she will not endure that pain ever again. Hallies foster family will happily show/teach her adopters everything theyve done to help her succeed thus far and ways to continue working on her confidence.


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