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Stormy (ID# 60904)   

In shelter Dog

Oakland, CA, 94601
Pet name:
Stormy (ID# 60904)
Pit Bull Terrier
I am at Oakland Animal Services in kennel Dog Adoption:4Oh, sweet Stormy. Sweet baby girl loves to cuddle and is a bit of a greeter. She likes to greet everyone who comes her way. Stormy has charmed volunteers and staff alike with her sweet disposition. Shes been known to be "delightful and affection" and "loves lots of pets and gives face kisses, and she leaned into my shins and gave me a goofy smile." One volunteer mentioned "she loves to hold paw to hand when taking treats. Very gentle treat taker." Another said "One of my favorites. Very well behaved on leash up and return to kennel. Can be bouncy and energetic in the yard, but also very calm for pets around the chin and rested her chin on my lap while I was petting her." And she could spend hours getting belly rubs!

Got some tasty treats? She will show you the best sit and her beautiful smile. This easy-going and friendly girl can be a little shy but is a total sweetheart and loves pets.

We believe Stormy may have had an eye injury in the past and may only see well out of one eye. But she can still do many things that most dogs can but could be a little nervous around other dogs since she may not be able to read their body language, as well. We believe Stormy will do best as a solo pet at home.

Stormy is around 3 years and a tad shy of 50 lbs. Come meet Stormy this weekend! She is waiting for her very own family to love.