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In shelter Dog

Philadelphia, PA, 19140
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
White / Cream
Cheerio ACCT-A-120475 is currently considered urgent and at risk of euthanasia due to length of stay at the shelter and lack of space for incoming dogs. Cheerio must have confirmed placement with an ADOPTER, RESCUE PARTNER or FOSTER by Monday, September 19th at 10AM. Should Cheerios behavior or medical status change, her urgency and timeline for placement may also change.

Cheerio ACCT-A-120475 is a lovely 4 year old female who came in as a stray on 8/15. Cheerio was found wandering along the road with her best friend Cinnamon Toast ACCT-A-120476. Poor Cheerio has been overlooked during her time in the shelter. 

On 8/16 staff noted- "When I approached her kennel she approached the front of the kennel, neutral bodied. She sniffed the leash and then took a few treats through the bars. She was easy to leash and remove from the kennel. She returned normally. When exiting the kennel she did jump up at another dog, who was barking in their kennel, to investigate but did not show any signs of reactivity. She was easy to redirect and walked well on the leash after only pulling occasionally but it was easily manageable. Cheerio was loose the entire time and allowed all handling. She was social and would approach seeking treats from both handlers, she showed knowledge of some basic commands, Sit, Down, and Paw and was super focused when being given commands. Cheerio or her best friend Cinnamon Toast did not show any signs of guarding with toys or treats and took them well. Cheerio accepted trades when attempting to play with toys but she did not take possession for long but neither dogs showed any signs of guarding."

On 9/14 Staff noted- "Took Cheerio out to do a dog meet with the dog Cinnamon Toast that she came in with. Getting her out of the kennel, She was a bit eager, pushing on the door. It took a second to lasso but once out she walked right out but did pull a bit strong on the leash.Once outside she went straight to the grass. We noticed she was bleeding from the ear and she allowed me to handle all over her face with no issues even allowing me to lift her ear up (Shaking her head occasionally). We took her inside the play run to do a fence meet where she excitedly pulled to greet Cinnamon toast. Both running back and forth playfully. We decided to do a face to face meet where Cinnamon toast pulled strongly to get to her as she seems more interested in the walk itself. After the meet I took her back in where she greeted everyone excitedly while walking by. We stopped in the surgery room to get her ear looked at and she was sweet to every staff member there allowing them to clean her ear and face up. She also allowed all body petting. Going back to the kennel she pulled all the way to her kennel and hopped right in and sat nicely for me to take the leash off with no issues."

Fence Meet- Cinnamon Toast & Cheerio-

Cheerio meets Cinnamon-

Confirmed placement is considered an actual rescue pull. Possible placement, interested parties, and other "TBD" statuses are not considered confirmed and do not indicate an animal is no longer urgent.

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