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In shelter Dog

Pontiac, MI, 48341
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
For my friends, please contact the Shelter at (248) 858-1070 for more information. My ID number is 351028

Meet Sharon!

Cute and squirmy Sharon is working very hard, each day, to learn all she needs to know to be a successful new friend!

Sharon is playful; she enjoys running and playing with toys!

Currently this bombshell is learning to master the art of leash walking, and making progress, daily!

Friendly Sharon, responds well to treats, so further training, should be made a bit easier!

Sharon would appreciate an active owner, who is willing to spend time with her reassuring her that she is home and loved!

Dog relationships can be just as complex and complicated as human relationships at times. We recommend separating any new additions in the home while unsupervised until a comfortable relationship has been established.

I have had some problems with my skin that seems to be related to a flea sensitivity/allergy. I have been treated, but to keep me comfortable going forward, I will need to stay on some form of flea preventative ongoing all year long. Fleas can be a problem in the winter too, even if I dont spend much time outside or stay indoors all the time - fleas can find their way into homes, apartments, or condos any time of the year, and just a bite or two can make me very uncomfortable.

The above behaviors and personality traits have been observed while at the Shelter. If this animal was relinquished, information is gathered from the owner regarding behavior. Our wonderful volunteers spend time with these animals and give input on behaviors and traits. However, this description may not be all inclusive to how this animal will act in a loving forever home. Introduction to established family pets should be slow and monitored always. The same goes for children and other family members. Adopting a pet is a big decision and should be thoughtful. We suggest researching different breeds to match traits and personalities to your lifestyle. When adopting a pet, please know that this pet will be with you for their lifetime; patience and consistency will make for a successful adoption.

**Age is estimated** Primary Color: Brown Secondary Color: White Weight: 46.5lbs Age: 1yrs 9mths 0wks Animal has been Spayed

Originating Organization

If you find the pet, contact this organization
too for assistance in finding its owner.

Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center

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