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In shelter Dog

Tuscaloosa, AL, 35407
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
All HSWA dogs are either at our Dog Adoption Facility or in foster homes. All dogs require an appointment to meet.  Please call us at 205-554-0011 or email to request an appointment to see the dog/puppy and to check availability.

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This engaging, lovable girl with the heartbreaking past is Ellie, an approximately 2-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix.  While we’re not sure exactly what caused the extensive scarring on her back, we can only assume it was an incredibly painful time in Ellies short life so far. Ellie is looking forward and has overcome her past and physical tribulations, all the while remaining forgiving, friendly, happy, trusting, playful, and loving. 
Ellie has a sweet smiling face, a smooth black and white coat whose white neck and chest is scattered with faint black spots, a white right front leg, and four white paws.  Altogether, she is an unusually and beautifully marked dog.  The scarring along her back is healed and the vet has hopes that her hair will grow back with time.  Hopefully a little extra love in a home with a family of her own would help with that. Weighing around 37 pounds, Ellie is a medium-sized dog.
Ellie was pulled from our local animal shelter where she had been picked up as a stray and no one came to claim her after being there several weeks. This precious girl wants to be loved and to feel safe – when you sit down with her, she will bury her head in your lap or arms, seeking a sense of security as she tries to get as close to you as she can.  If you are standing, she will lean against you…again seeking comfort from your presence.  She loves to be petted and does not shy from touch, even along her back.  Ellie also loves to play, getting the zoomies and running around the yard at times!  Her favorite toy is a ball (or anything that she can chew on), so she loves for you to play fetch with her!   But even if there is no one to throw the ball, it doesn’t matter to Ellie, she is just as happy trotting around with it in her mouth.  Precious Ellie has a sweet, friendly personality and a good energy, but she can settle down for nicely for snuggling and cuddling. 
While Ellie loves her time spent in the yard playing, she is not to be an outside dog only as she likes to be with her people too much. She will need a fenced yard if left outside unattended at all.  Ellie should be fine with older children (12 and older) and she did fine with the other dogs she has been tested with so far. We have started on her crate training. Ellie is up to date on her vet care, is heartworm negative, is microchipped, and is scheduled to be spayed soon. She is on heartworm and flea/tick prevention.  
If you are looking for a heartbreakingly sweet dog to rescue, then look no farther than Ellie.  There is no pup more deserving of a life filled with love, affection, and hopefully a soft couch to snuggle with her person.  

Our adoption fee is $75.  Read more information on our adoption process at  Then, if you feel your home might be the right forever home and you would like to adopt a dog, submit an online adoption application. The online applications may not work on mobile devices. If the online application does not work on your device, look to the right side of the forms page for a downloadable .PDF copy of the application.


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