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Kookaburra Bird - local gal   

In shelter Dog

Andover, MA, 01810
Pet name:
Kookaburra Bird - local gal
Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)
Please read Kookaburra Birds entire profile, which includes a link to the adoption application. Thank you!**

This cutie is Kookaburra Bird, a 16-week-old, 15-pound, Pointer/Beagle mix little gal, one of an adorable litter of six puppies. 

Her foster shares "Kookaburra is a very gentle soul and is more subdued than her brother. Her preference is to be curled up with her people, often climbing into your lap so she can rest her snout on you. She is docile and extremely sweet. She is more than likely to follow you through the house, curious to see what youre up to. She has very expressive ears and does very cute head tilts! "

They love being with people and especially enjoy playing with children. They also enjoy the company of each other and tumble around and chase each other, and then they all go try to engage the "big" dogs in their foster care.

They are great little explorers. No corner of the house or yard is beyond the bounds of their curiosity.

These very social, loving, and engaged puppies would adjust well to most any caring family and bring their love of life with them.   These pups are very active and will definitely need families willing to take them on lots of walks, play in the yard, or do what is needed to get their energy out so that at the end of the day they become perfect snugglers!

We left up one of her puppy pics from a month ago because you deserved to see those ears!!

All dogs are up to date on vaccinations and spayed/neutered at the time of adoption. All dogs require professional training to become the best family member they can be. To adopt or learn more about Kookaburra Bird, you must fill out an adoption application.
 To find the application, copy and paste this URL into your browser: WWW.GDRNE.COM/ADOPTION-APPLICATION [Adoption Fee: $550.] ** 

PLEASE READ: If a dog is listed, then s/he is currently available for adoption. Their information is correct to the best of our abilities and the information we have been given as of the day of posting. Please note, GDRNE does not guarantee the breed of any dog or puppy unless stated that we have run DNA. All breeds listed are educated estimates. Our dogs are rescued from various situations. It is most likely that both their parents were strays and even if not, mixes of some sort and that their grandparents were mixes as well. The dog may have some genetic material of an American Staffordshire Terrier (pit bull). The dogs are usually mixes of many breeds, making them a breed all their own - a True and adorable American MUTT.
 If you are interested in this dog, you must submit an application. Great Dog is not a shelter so there is no building you can visit. Our dogs live in private foster homes until adopted. To learn more about our *shelterless* rescue, adoption fees, and procedures, review the list of Frequently Asked Questions on our website at WWW.GDRNE.COM


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