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In shelter Dog

Sanford, FL, 32771
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You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Abount Training Camp:Pet Rescue By Judy has teamed up with an incredible program called the Greyhound Advancement Center which will allow some of our dogs to attend a ten week prison training program. The program originally started to help retired racing greyhounds learn how to "dog". Greyhound racing is now illegal in our state, but the program worked so well they decided to open up to other rescues and accept different breeds. Each dog is teamed up with an inmate who is in their dog training program. This program allows inmates to gain an important skill that they can bring with them when they are released. The head trainers are the best of the best and we are sure that these dogs are going to come out of this program with all kinds of tricks up their little doggy sleeves. (Dont worry, the dogs are treated very well and are the apple of their trainers eye ). Our dogs are so blessed to be able to learn important obedience training to help with their confidence and make them awesome additions to a family. If you are interested in potentially adopting one of these dogs, you have the opportunity to attend their graduation and learn directly from their trainer everything they have taught the dog. Graduation is estimated to take place tentatively November 4, 2022. We can not thank Greyhound Advancement Center enough for giving these dogs a leg up on getting into their forever home! ===================Mango came to PRBJ from a kill shelter. Mango was nervous from her long ride to the rescue and when she arrived she was skittish and shy. It is pretty obvious to us that she had been abused before. She gets scared and nips a little bit when someone tries to grab at her or if she is overwhelmed by sound. We took her out for a walk and she seemed friendly and curious about all of the new smells and sounds. She allowed us to pet her and take some pictures of her but was honestly more interested in checking out the neighborhood than she was in posing for her glamor shots.Because of her fear we do not want her to be in a home with children (or visiting children). She would be a perfect match for an active person or couple that has a quiet home life. Exercising is a great way for dogs to shake off their nervous energy. We believe Mango is a pointer mixed with a small hound. She is a small/medium dog weighing under 30 pounds. She does have a very short coat to help keep her cool in the HOT HOT Florida summertime and should not require much grooming. She has a beautiful coat with huge brindle spots and all the tiny black dots freckling her entire body.

**Pointers in general require lots of exercise to keep them happy due to them being an active sporting breed. They are also dogs with even temperaments and good sense so training is usually very easy.


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