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In shelter Dog

Miami, FL, 33155
Pet name:
Gray / Blue / Silver
Meet Prada! POMERANIAN EXPERIENCED ADOPTERS ONLY, FLORIDA ADOPTIONS. Prada turns 1, September 13. Shes a Merle Pomeranian with one beautiful blue eye and the other one is black. She weights 19 pounds. Prada is looking for an active family who she can give tons of kisses to. General Behavior: Prada is active, she is young and full of energy. She loves water, walks well on a leash, loves to play, she enjoys every toy you give her. She will do well with a dog who is playful and active like her. She loves attention, and enjoys playing at all times. She enjoys laying next to you while you watch a movie or some quiet time, but the minute you get up, shell be right by your side. Prada is an early bird (she is up very early) and will bark for attention. The minute she is out of her crate she runs to the backyard and does her business and ready to play and enjoy her first plate of food. Training: Prada is 70% percent potty train. She does have accidents, somedays are better than others. She walks well on a leash, she loves her crate, and knows when is time for bed. Prada does have a high pitch bark, definitely not recommend for her to live in an apartment. She knows how to give you paw, sit, comes to you when you call her and loves to give tons of kisses. She is a puppy so definitely needs to be supervised at all times, anything she finds she will place it in her mouth. Again, puppies are attractive to everything and anything. She will chew a shoe here and there, keeping an eye on her is the key for her not to destroy your favorite shoe She does well with other dogs, but if you need to step out for an hour or two, she is placed inside her crate. She does not like car rides, she immediately gets car sick. Medical: She is healthy, takes her monthly flea and heartworm prevention. She is spayed and chipped. Other animals: She does well with other animals, specially a young one like her who is active and ready to play. She plays and interacts well with the 7 dogs in her foster home. She loves to play with the 3 year old chi. She will definitely need a sibling who is active like her. Children: Prada will do well with older children 10-14. Home: A home with a backyard for her to run around and play. secured fence, another dog who is active like her. Someone who can dedicate time, that does not work long hours or works from home. Safety is very important, she loves to run and the minute a door or gate is open, she will run(she cant be left unattended) Grooming: She has a double coat and not everyone knows how to groom a Pomeranian. Her grooming is expensive and is required every 3-4 weeks. She is brushed every other day. Poms can NOT be shaved. Prada will be the perfect Diva for a fun active family. A family who can spoil her and love her dearly. She loves to kiss you constantly, someone who will continue to spoil her, just like her foster mom. Prada deserves the best! REQUIREMENTS: FINANCIAL STABILITY, ANOTHER PLAYFUL YOUNG DOG IN THE HOME, FENCED YARD, EXPERIENCE WITH POMERANIANS. If you do not meet the requirements,your application will not be considered. To apply online for consideration of adoption please visit our website WWW.PAWPATROLANIMALRESCUE.COM

Paw Patrol Animal Rescue looks to place each pet in the home that is best suited for them. 
An application for consideration of adoption must be submitted. The link may be found on our website:

Please note that all applicants will be asked for a copy of their drivers license and pictures of their home, inside and out. 

Thank you.