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Livonia, MI, 48152
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You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.UPDATE 09/22/2022 - Natalie has been in her foster home just over a month now and her true personality has blossomed. She is estimated to be 13 years old, but doesnt always act like it. She can be feisty and silly, and always seeks affection and attention. She loves belly rubs and, when dinner time comes around has a funny habit of chasing her tail while waiting for her dinner! She is alert and greets visitors to the home. She also settles down quickly and is ready to nap. Natalie is potty trained, but in a new environment may have an accident until acclimated to the schedule and home layout. She forms a strong bond with her people and displays separation anxiety when left alone. She may whine or howl [softly] or have potty accidents. Crating her when she needs to be left alone would be strongly encouraged. A family with someone home more than not would be ideal for Natalie. She would love a fence-in yard to sniff around, but daily walks would also be fine with her.

Natalie is recovering from major surgery to remove a mammary mass and spay. She is doing very well. When surgery started, more tumors were discovered but the vet could not remove them at the time, so months in the future Natalie will likely need another surgery to remove the remaining mammary masses. Biopsy results indicate that the mammary mass removed was non-cancerous; however, the gland next to it which was also removed, came back as pre-cancerous. The full report and recommendation can be viewed below. Natalie is UTD on vaccines and is microchipped.

Natalie lives with 4 other dogs and gets along well with them, but sometimes tries to assert herself over them by dominance mounting. Placement with a larger dog might be more suitable for Natalie. She also doesnt appreciate dogs coming up to her face and sniffing her and may snap at them. She has not been exposed to cats so it is unknown how she would react to them.

Natalie is a senior poodle mix that was seen running the streets in S W Detroit being chased by some big dogs. The kind person who spotted her snatched her up before the big dogs could attack her. She was very dirty and her coat matted. Attempts to locate her owner were unsuccessful, and she was brought into the care of our rescue.

Natalie is a sweet, happy-go-lucky dog. Her age is not known, but she is thought to be somewhere around 13 years old. She has a gentle demeanor and takes treats nicely. Natalie is blind, but that does not slow her down much. If she bumps into something, she simply turns and goes off another direction. She has a very keen sense of smell and moves around the yard with her nose to the wind to keep track of where her foster mom is. She seems house-trained, but will likely need a refresher course in a new environment. Natalie has mild Separation Anxiety, exacerbated by her blindness.

Natalie had a health check-up when she came into care, and in addition to being dirty and mats in her coat, X-rays show she has arthritis along her spine "and some areas of compressed disc spaces." The vet noted she had a mammary mass, but she does not seem to be in any discomfort from this. However, she was prescribed an antibiotic for any possible infection. This condition is receiving ongoing vet care and may require surgery. Surgery costs will be covered by the rescue. No spay scar was seen by the vet. If it is determined she is not spayed, she would be prior to adoption. She had a negative fecal test and negative test for Heartworm, and received her rabies shot at the time of her vet visit. She will be microchipped before adoption.

Natalie would love a home where she can enjoy her remaining years strolling through a fenced-in yard, relaxing with her humans, and just loving life. A canine companion would help Natalie adjust to a new environment. She will require periodic grooming to keep her coat from getting matted. A retired couple, or family that has someone home most of the time, would be great for Natalie, as she really loves being with her human. She is a true velcro dog and feels most comfortable close by her human.

Happy Days Dog and Cat Rescue microchips all dogs and cats before adoption. Microchips are implanted between the shoulder blades and are another form of identification should the animal get lost. The microchips are registered to Happy Days Dog and Cat Rescue. The adopters information is added once the adoption is complete. The adopter is responsible for a $19.99/Year registration fee or a $45.00/Lifetime registration fee to change information. Dogs and Cats still need to have collar with tags should they get lost.

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