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In shelter Dog

Ontario, NY, 14519
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Mabel is looking for a very unique home. We realize her demands are high and finding her the perfect fit is a needle in a haystack. Her foster family is committed to her fully and prepared to keep her if a better home cannot be found. Mabel is an adolescent female mixed breed (see photos for her DNA results). She is up to date on vaccines, microchipped, heartworm negative and will soon be spayed. 
The Good
Mabel has a wonderful temperament and is good with other dogs of all sizes, cats and kids!  She has wirey, long hair that needs routine brushing but isn’t a dog that needs professional grooming every six weeks. She knows some basic manners such as “sit” and “down” and has pretty good leash manners. She is fantastic on car rides and loves outdoor activities such as hiking.
The Bad
Despite her wirey coat, she does shed and is not hypoallergenic. She is a typical adolescent dog that needs work on her impulse control and basic house etiquette. She will counter surf and get into things if given the opportunity. 
The Ugly
Mabel has some of the worst separation anxiety we have ever seen. She absolutely panics when left alone. She cannot be contained and will jump tall pens, fences and enclosures. She can easily escape out of a traditional folding crate and will attempt to escape out of “escape proof” crates until she is successful or seriously injures herself. She immediately urinates and defecates out of sheer terror when her people leave. SHE CANNOT BE LEFT ALONE. There is a chance she will eventually be able to be left for short periods of time but this is years down the road with continued behavior modification. She is receiving anxiety meds and has made very small improvements in the six weeks she has been with us. We will require she follows up with both a veterinary behavior expert and trainer of our choosing if she is adopted. 

We have had a few people comment that we should make her a service dog so she can go everywhere with her people. She is not a stable enough dog to do service work and trying to pass her off as one is a disservice to actual service dogs. 

If you have read this far and still think Mabel may fit your lifestyle, please visit our website at to read over our adoption information and fill out an application.


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