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In shelter Dog

Peyton, CO, 80831
Pet name:
#### Maggie is a sweet, mature, 14 pound miniature poodle. She is trying very hard to learn to be brave. She will act very happy to see you by wagging her tail and smiling, but when you reach for her, she can run like the wind. It may appear to be a game, but Maggie is scared. This is a new life for her, and she is trying to adjust to being around people. Maggie loves treats!! She has learned to approach those she knows is coming with these delicious goodies. Maggie is improving quickly and as she gets to know new people, it has become easier to approach her and pick her up.

She loves to go outside and play with all her canine friends! She can be very playful when she gets with all her buddies. Sometimes she gets excited and plays hard, but a treat will distract her focus if its too much for her playmates. Maggie needs a confident brother or sister who will help show her how to behave, but who also enjoys her enthusiastic, playful nature. She needs a home with a secure yard with a 6 fence since she needs a lot of work on leash walking and since she thinks shes a gazelle when it comes to jumping. Maggie would prefer peace and quiet, so a home with no children under the age of 16, and with patient pet parents who will let her progress at her own pace. If you can give Maggie the love she deserves and the time she needs to trust, then youll be a great pet parent for her.

If you would like to meet this girl, please submit an application to adopt Maggie at:


Prior to being rescued, many of our dogs have experienced minimal socialization. As a result, there is often an adjustment period when learning about life as a family pet. We typically do not adopt to homes with young children. Homes with older children will be considered on an individual basis. Common skills such as house training and leash walking will often take a little extra time. Patience, understanding, and a gentle hand are a must. Many of our dogs will need fenced yards and a confident dog in the family. The great news is, that most of these dogs come around rather quickly, and being a part of their rehabilitation is an extremely rewarding experience. Learn about mill dogs and fill out an application at our website: If you submit an application, please watch your spam folders as their emails land there and give us 48 hours to get back to you - there are a lot of other dogs hoping that their new persons application is being processed as well.