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In shelter Barnyard

Mission Viejo, CA, 92692
Pet name:
Pot Bellied
Meet Dancer- 

This sister is a little bossy bit of goods, and very bonded to her sister Buttercup. She is a easy keeper, can gain weight quickly if you overfeed her, and loves her morning routine of breakfast and a quick bath on hot days. She and her sister Buttercup were rescued from a very bad situation and she has a very slight limp on her right foot.  

She is active and moves around the property well. She and her sister are like me and my shadow - they do everything together. She is very food motivated and will occasionally show up for dinner and long past sun down to see if there are any treats or leftovers! She is much more confident or brave and will go off by herself to explore. 

Her best day is with her sister cruising around. She is a great guard dog and sounds the alarm if there is trouble. She also made friends with the neighbor who brings them treats. Dancer has been working on her weight and has lost quite a bit. She sleeps on blankets and shavings under shelter and when its cold, she sleeps right next to her sister for warmth and companionship. 

She likes people and is always looking for that hand treat. We are working on petting with her too. They were both handled inappropriately as babies so they are head shy. She is a very happy piggy by nature, talks a lot, highly intelligent and enjoys a peaceful farm environment. She is good with friendly dogs and enjoys being in her pig pack with her sister Buttercup and her surrogate mom Rosie.

She would enjoy being in a large fenced area with grass and trees. An excellent home would be with children and a family where they are included in daily activity. If that isnt possible a rescuer with other female pigs or friendly farm animals would be interesting for them. Both sisters are curious and enjoy hanging out during project time to supervise which is very cute. They like mud and hose showers on hot days, but like to be cleaned off in time for bed. They put themselves to bed around 4:00 pm or before dark.  

Buttercup and Dancer just had their feet trimmed about November 2020. The farrier did a great job and they were excellent in the upside down box. They should have their feet done about every 6 months and I will provide his number if a local adoption happens. To stay at a good weight, they eat pot belly pick pellets bought at the feed store and at least one veggie and fruit every day. They are about 2 years old and have not been spayed. Although the girls have not been spayed, we are looking for a home where there is no possibility of getting pregnant or intentional breeding.  We are looking for a lifetime placement for the girls, and they will need to be adopted together because they are so bonded. 

For more information about this little angel, contact thanks!  We are looking for a local home but would consider any great out of state opportunity. 

PS. If you live in the city and are considering this adoption, please verify the municipal codes for PB pigs prior to reaching out.