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Olivia and Oreo *located in Cottonwood, CA   

In shelter Barnyard

Pleasant Hill, CA, 94523
Pet name:
Olivia and Oreo *located in Cottonwood, CA
Pot Bellied
Sex: Female   Age: 5   Breed: Potbelly

Info: Olivia is very sweet and is good with people. She’s lived around little kids, dogs, cats, chickens, and goats. She loves attention and belly rubs (obviously). She loves to lather herself up in mud during the summers and isn’t quite active in the winters. She’s seen the vet before. And has recently had her hooves trimmed, so her feet are all pretty. Olivia is good with little kids. I haven’t had an incidents of biting with her so I wouldn’t say she’s aggressive in any way. Shes the best friend you didn’t know you needed.

Sex: Female     Age: 3 1/2   Breed: Potbelly

Oreo is a very happy pig. But at times she can be skittish of people. When we had gotten her she did not like anyone and had even bitten my mom ?. She’ll let you pet her and what not, but when she doesn’t feel comfortable with you doing something or where you are petting her she’ll let you know by making noises and walking away. But despite that she enjoys the company of people and has her little smile she does and her tail goes crazy when you call her name. No other incidents of biting, or aggressive behavior. Same as Olivia she’s been raised around other animals and little kids. Her hooves are done as well. She’s just one happy little cinnamon roll.


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