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Cass: Janis Joplin   

In shelter Dog

Palo Alto, CA, 94306
Pet name:
Cass: Janis Joplin
This dog will be at a meet and greet event on Saturday, September 24th and Sunday, September 25th unless he/she is adopted prior to the event with a set up home. The event is from 12 pm to 3 pm on Saturday and 11 pm to 3 pm on Sunday at Palo Altos Pet Food Express. Those interested in meeting the dog can come out to our meet and greet event. We no longer do application approval onsite. Anyone adopting has been previously approved and set up to meet prior to the event.

Adoption Fee: $650

The Musician litter was born on the Fifth of July and are currently 9 weeks old. The mom, Mama Cass, came to DPS the day before she gave birth from the shelter. Their mom is a 15 pound Chihuahua-Dachshund-ish kinda mix. Dad, well, he was like a Rollin stone... We dont know who or what he was...

Lets be real folks, if we embark test Mom and the puppies, well get 19 different breeds. Unfortunately our databases that we post our dogs in, dont allow for GAM (Great American Mix) as a breed option. So we have to choose something that is going to be an educated guess. A few of the pups look kinda Pug-ish. But the reality is that youre getting a wonderful All-American mix pup with some treasures to be discovered. If you have to have a specific size, we cant guarantee that. We can say, theyre probably not going to be large size. But could they be medium? Possibly...Could they be small? Likely with moms size. What we can promise is if you want a well socialized puppy who has had the best start we could ask for, then these are your puppies.

The puppies have grown into curious and confident lovebugs in their foster home. The puppies sleep together in a pen at night and eat three meals a day. They spend their days playing, cuddling and napping indoors and outdoors and they are making great progress with house training. They are very social and love all people and dogs.

Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin will "Take a Little Piece of Your Heart!" She is an independent and adventurous pup who will explore the whole yard on her own. Shes curious about new people and things and loves to be held and pet. She is a sweet girl who will make a great addition to any family.

Carly Simon

"Nobody Does it Better" than Carly Simon! She is the epitome of a lap dog and she cant wait to cuddle with her new family. She has an extremely mellow temperament and nothing seems to ruffle her feathers. Her soft fur and affectionate stare are invitations to pick her up and love her.

Stevie Nicks

A "Landslide" of love will be coming your way if you adopt Stevie Nicks! Stevie is a silly girl always looking to interact with her foster family. She has the cutest bouncie walk and could be called goatllike. (Thank heavens its not fainting goat-like. But I digress...)Shes a very good jumper. She loves to lick faces and make funny noises. She is infatuated with the senior dog at her foster home and seems eager to make dog friends. She will definitely bring a lot of love to her forever family.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix will grant you the "Power To Love!" Jimi is an energetic sweet boy who likes to cuddle as much as play with his litter mates. He is a sturdy dog with large paws that he will grow into. Hes a Happy-Go-Lucky boy; he doesnt think too much but just likes to jump in and play with all his little friends. He will make a fun and loving pet.

Joni Mitchell

"I Would Drink a Case of You," Joni Mitchell! Joni is the smallest in her litter and is full of guts and personality. She is always ready to jump on a dog pile and goes off looking for fun parts of the yard to explore. When she is done exploring, she waltzes over and waits to be picked up and cuddled. She is very sure of herself and will win over anyone who meets her.

Grace Slick

If you want "Somebody To Love" look no further than Grace Slick! She is a confident, well rounded dog. She is clever and curious and likes to be around whatever action is going on. She loves people and toys. She is a quick learner and will easily fall into a routine with her forever family.

Folks, were looking for families that have a dog in the last 5 or so years. We believe that puppies need the most experience, not the least experience. So if you dont meet that requirement, show us on the application, why we need to consider you and what you know. Were looking for folks who are COMMITTED to their puppy and raising him/her for a lifetime. We arent looking for temporary homes for 2-3 years until children come along, until theyre out of the puppy stage and not as much fun or until its time to move to a new home and well, including a dog in that equation is a hassle. We are looking for LIFETIME, 15 YEARS kinda homes. People who consider their dog part of the family and arent giving up their dog because of new people entering the family, moving locations or whatever comes down the pipe, are our kinda people.

We are looking for families that have children over the age of 6. Why? Because unfortunately the number one group to rehome dogs is families who have children under that age. Our rehome stats went down expeditiously when we incorporated this policy of no children under 6 Were at a 96% success rate of keeping dogs in their homes. Youre not that kind of home that gives up a dog FOR ANY REASON? Then tell us why. Tell how we can know that about you. We arent looking to exclude. Were looking to include but only those who want lifetime dogs...


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