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In shelter Horse

Elkhart Lake, WI, 53020
Pet name:
Chestnut / Sorrel
SPARROW is a 13-year-old Quarter Horse mare standing roughly 14.3hh. Her owners surrendered sparrow to AGES when it became clear to them that despite their best efforts, she required more experienced training then they were able to provide. Sparrow is very athletic and sensitive. She does great with groundwork and is generally well behaved and easy to handle on the ground. Though she has been ridden in the past, it seems she ever really received a solid foundation Sparrow’s previous owners used her for trail riding, but several years ago she experienced an accident on the trail that involved the saddle sliding under her belly and being dragged from her foot.  After this accident, she and her owners lost their confidence and did not have any foundation to fall back on and she had not been saddled or ridden since, about 2 years, and was eventually surrendered. 

Currently, Sparrow’s biggest challenge is her level of reactivity to objects moving around her belly and swinging up over her back. We are taking our time to do things right and desensitize her to these things as well as teach her the other basics she missed in her early years. Because of the level of training Sparrow needs, if she were adopted by a home looking to ride her she would need to either be adopted by a trainer or by someone experienced riding young horses who was willing to commit to sending her out for 90 days with a professional colt starter.

Sparrow is a smart, agreeable mare that tried hard to be good. We are confident that if someone is willing to give her the chance and the tools she needs, she will be able to be successful in almost any discipline. 

Sparrow is available for adoption to a well qualified home. Her adoption fee is $750.