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Gloria (LA)   

In shelter Dog

Baton Rouge, LA, 70819
Pet name:
Gloria (LA)
Rat Terrier
Growing old can be the pits! Just ask this pretty 16-year-old rat terrier/Chihuahua mix with the wonderfully soft fur coat. First you outlive your beloved human. Then your humans next-of-kin reward your loyal devotion by dumping you in a shelter. Next, the shelter commits the ultimate insult when they cant even spell your name right! Gloria??? My names not Gloria! My human named me Goldie, you bark from your prison cell. Its Goldie, you idiots! They dont listen. They put Gloria on all the paperwork, and even the nice lady from New Rattitude, who comes to get you out from behind bars, is duped by their folly. Thinking shes helping you to hold on to a piece of your past, she makes your official NR name Gloria. Gaaaaagh!

Today the dog formerly known known as Goldie leads a busy life following her foster mom around, nearly always carrying a toy in her mouth, even outdoors (the little gal LOVES her toys), and taking a break here and there, especially if the nap can be taken upon a patch of warm golden sunshine. You can view photos of a typical day in the life of our golden girl by visiting her online album at . Life gets even better when her foster mom brings out the leash, causing her to squeal with delight. Short, frequent walks are a favorite pastime, for sure. The only thing that might equal a walk would be the chance to ride in the car, which she absolutely loves.

Still, Gol--sorry...Gloria, who is reliably house-trained and never destructive, longs for a few changes to make her golden years even better. Mostly she would like to be the only dog in a quiet, peaceful household. She is done with pesky canines trying to crowd into her spot on the couch. It could be that her grumpiness is her way of trying to protect herself as shes only 13 lbs. and needs to take gabapentin (monthly cost $16) for chronic pain. For this reason, she probably would not do well with cats or children either. However, shes not cranky with adults although she truly bonds with women only. Perhaps thats all she had ever known in her previous life. So listen up, all you childless, cat-less, dog-less women of tranquil nature! Enjoy the reward of making a senior dogs days her very best days and earn the right to call her whatever you long as you call her Goldie.

NOTE: Adopters should live close enough to Denham Springs, Louisiana, to make multiple visits in order to ease the transition to a new home.Our adoption fee is $200 for adult dogs or $250 for puppies under 6 months old.
If you are interested in adopting this dog, PLEASE READ THE DETAILED ADOPTION PROCESS information on our website at www. From there, you can access our adoption application or contact our Adoption Team for more info.

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New Rattitude - national Rat Terrier rescue

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