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In shelter Dog

Bellingham, WA, 98228
Pet name:
Rat Terrier
Trinity is a very loving girl looking for her forever home.  She is slow to warm up to new people, but once you have her trust she will be your best friend and follow you everywhere.  She enjoys her walks, and loves pets and back scratches, but isn’t a fan of being picked up.  Trinity is not aggressive, but she does not trust men or strangers, and is not good with children, so she is looking for a home with adult women.  Cats are okay but she will want to play chase.  
              Trinity came from a breeding situation where she had no socialization with anyone except the breeder who was a woman; hence the reason she doesn’t care for men.  As far as we know she was never taken anywhere outside the breeding area/yard, so she has never had the chance to get used to the many wonders of the world.  We have taken her on a few walks and overall she has done well, but she was a little freaked out by the bikes and strangers in the neighborhood.  She will not be one that can be off leash unless it is an enclosed area.  If there is anything that scares her she will take off in a panic.  Even in the house if there is some kind of loud noise that scares her she practically crawls up the walls/windows looking for a way to get out.   She has only been on a few car rides and is not very comfortable with them. 

Trinity is looking for a very patient person who will give her time to adjust, trust, and give her a happy life. If you are interested in meeting Trinity, please fill out an application at and we will arrange a meet and greet.