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In shelter Dog

Minneapolis, MN, 55429
Pet name:
Rat Terrier
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Find our applications at www.midwestanimalrescue.orgAdoption Fee $200 plus taxSpecial Needs
We just love Pearly Girly, she likes to be by us or pick her up and just pet her. She goes for a daily walk and is a slow goer it takes her about 30 minutes to go a mile, so a nice relaxing walk. Shes reasonably active, jumps up and off the furniture, likes laying in the sun on her bed out on the deck and walking around the yard. She will do best in a home with another quiet dog but will also do okay as an only dog. Is crated at night and likes to have her crate next to the other dogs crate or her crate in your bedroom. Im sure shed be happy to share your bed. Pearl is not crated during the day even when we are running errands. Someone that is home half the day is ideal. She is housetrained, holds it all night and we put her out about every 4-5 hours during the day. She is on Purina Prescription Cardiocare dog food. And takes Vetmedin 1.25 mgs 2 times a day. Cost of 50 days supply is about $79. from
Explanation of Pearls medical condition per MARS Vet :
She has heart disease. We do not know exactly which heart disease because she has not had an echocardiogram. She likely has mitral valve disease which means that the valves in the heart that regulate blood flow direction are breaking down and not doing their job as well. She will eventually go into congestive heart failure from it, which can be managed by medications for an additional period of time. Prognosis is unknown. Could be a couple of months, could be a couple of years. She is currently going strong and a happy little girl!
*The pet you are viewing is a rescued pet which is most often from an animal control facility and does not come with a pedigree. The breed(s) listed are our best guess and are in no way guaranteed. Sometimes the pets appear to be a particular breed(s) in the pictures we receive from our rescue partners and when they arrive we are surprised to see an entirely different breed(s) in person! If you choose to DNA test your adopted pet, test results may vary from company to company and our breed guess may not be reflected in those results as it is just that, our best guess. It is with deep longing that we wish there was a breed called cute as we believe all of our dogs would fall under this new breed classification!
Completion of an Adoption Application via our website is the best way to show your interest in an animal and is the first step in our adoption process.
*Animals who are not fully vaccinated and altered are not eligible for long distance adoption.
When you adopt a pet from Midwest Animal Rescue and Services, your adoption fee covers: Microchip and registration, Core Vaccines including Rabies, Distemper and bordetella, age appropriate heartworm testing or FeLV-FIV testing, sterilization, heartworm/flea-tick prevention and deworming while in foster care.
Adoption fees are non-negotiable and can be paid by cashiers check, money order or credit card. We do not accept personal checks.
Any issues that arise after adoption are the full responsibility of the adopter after the finalization of adoption. Adoption fees are only part of the expense of owning a pet, so we ask you to consider the costs for the life of the pet before adoption. We recommend pet insurance.


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