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Lucy and Ethel   

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Springfield, PA, 19064
Pet name:
Lucy and Ethel
Red-Eared Slider
Lucy and Ethel have been with me since Fall of 2018 when I rescued them from a situation of severe neglect.

At the time they were underweight with advanced shell rot. Theyd been sharing a dirty 10 gallon tank without lighting or filtration.

Ive since painstakingly brought them back to full health. The girls have more than doubled in size and finally shed scutes over the winter.

They are now ready to move on to a forever home.

In 2018, they were assumed to be about two years old, so are now approaching six years of age.

They still have some growing to do.  Now at eight+ inches, Lucy and Ethel should grow to reach 12 inches.

I currently have placement for them in a privately owned and fenced in pond a few hours south, BUT would prefer they go to a more controlled indoor environment if possible as they are not wild turtles.

Lucy and Ethel are currently house together in a 90 gallon aquarium, which is half the space they correctly need.

The ideal home for them will give them each their own 120 gallon tank with 5x the filtration rate. 

So far,no fighting, unless its over a strawberry or piece of shrimp, so they should continue to do okay  together if needed be.

Lucy and Ethel have 15 to 20 years more life to live, so be prepared to make this full commitment.  

As a turtle novice, I had no idea what I was in for.  They needed help, so I took them in without hesitation.

They are friendly and accustomed to handling so they would be good around a family.

I am -willing- to *discuss* passing their gear on to an *experienced* turtle owner with a proved veterinary history. 

If youve had turtles, you know what that means.

If you havent had turtles, I warn you, they are alot more work and expense than you expect.

Text me directly (#below) to schedule a phone call.  I am partnered with Helping Paws Upper Darby, but they are not directly involved in this placement.

***If you are interested, PLEASE ACT FAST.*** 
They are scheduled to be moved to the pond in early July.

I am willing to transport the turtles within one hour of Philadelphia PA. (USA) 

I am located in Upper Darby PA.  19082

You can reach me, Martine, at;
-2.6.7.- 3.two.8.  .7.six.8.3
(Obviously youll have to type it in yourself. Im hoping to avoid bots.)


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