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In shelter Rabbit

Nashville, TN, 37217
Pet name:
Brown / Chocolate
Coat length:
Hello everybody - Meet COCO!!  
Coco was rescued when she was just a tiny little thing (about 3 weeks old) along with several other siblings and was fostered by a wonderful lady who spoiled them rotten.  Coco is now a little over 4 months old and has been spayed and is ready to find a home where she can be spoiled some more!!
Coco is a very social little girl.  She has been held 
and loved and have had brief contact with polite dogs and were not terribly terrified.  She is litter box trained.
If you would like to add a bunny to your family, please note a few things.  Pet rabbits usually live between 8-12 years and can live as long as 15.   Rabbits are NOT considered low maintenance pets. To keep a rabbit healthy and happy, proper feeding and cleaning is essential.  Although rabbits do not require vaccinations, they do benefit from checkups of their teeth and nails.  Again, she has already been spayed which is a big plus to keeping them healthy.
AND, rabbits are NOT the best pets for young children.  Rabbits tend to be fragile and if frightened or hurt they will bite or kick (which depending on the size of the bunny) can really hurt!
THE PLUS TO OWNING A RABBIT - rabbits bond closely with their owners.  They can be trained easily. They are quiet and require much less space than many other animals.  Contrary to popular belief, rabbits are very clean animals and especially after being fixed, they go to great lengths not to soil their living area.
If you would like more information or would like to meet COCO, please contact us at


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