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In shelter Dog

Abbotsford, BC, V3G 2L5
Pet name:
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn

Kids: Stella is currently living with our 2 teens ages 14 and 16. She previously lived with school aged kids but sadly has spent some time at a shelter. We would not recommend younger kids only because she has a tendency to jump and may unintentionally hurt smaller kids. However, she is super sweet and jumps because she wants to give kisses and affection. We are working on stopping her jumping.

Cats: Not tested yet but she pulls when she sees them and will likely give chase if given the chance. It was recommended that she not be housed with small animals as she has a high prey drive.

Dogs: Stella got along great with other large dogs before coming to live with us. She does not like small yappy dogs or ones that get in her face. We were told that prior to arriving, she was in an altercation with another dog that left her wary. Slow introductions to other dogs is a must. Stella is currently living with 2 other large dogs and seems to be trying to establish a place within the pack. We have had a few incidents of her growling at them and instigating a fight. We have been able to stop this from escalating without incidence so far. We are hoping that with continued slow introductions and walking as a pack that this will stop. For the most part, they are fine together. She seems to be a bit jealous if another dog receives affection when she wants more. At this time, she might do better as the only dog in the house. 

Leash reactivity: Stella is about 60 lbs and very strong. She tends to pull hard at the start of a walk but settles down after the initial excitement of going for a walk and will walk nicely beside me. She will pull when we come across another dog but can be redirected with stopping and moving back and the command Leave It. We are working on sitting patiently at the door and not bolting out. She is known to escape if given an opportunity. A harness and continued training is recommended. 

Crate trained: Stella will enter a crate on her own if given treats. She will be fine unless someone comes in the room and then she’ll whimper and whine. 

Stella is learning “sit" and is pretty good at it especially with treats. She is starting to learn "paw". She is a quick learner and eager to please. She is treat motivated and is learning to patiently wait her turn for a treat. Stella loves to be around people and will follow me around the house. She is very gentle with taking treats. She enjoys being outdoors and loves her walks. It is highly recommended that she be adopted by someone with a lot of experience with dogs and who is willing to put in the time with training her. Given a chance, she will show you what a wonderful dog she is. Stella will be available for adoption July 24th.

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Adoption Fees include:
• Spay or Neuter
• First round of Flea medication
• Deworming
• Micro chip or tattoo
• Nails trimmed
• Ears cleaned
• Up-to-date vaccinations at the point of adoption
• 6-week trial period of pet insurance
• DISCOUNTS – 15% off Accessories and 5% off of Food at Bosley’s on Whatcom on day of adoption


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