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Olivia (Cricket) and Oliver   

In shelter Cat

Columbus, OH, 43204
Pet name:
Olivia (Cricket) and Oliver
Russian Blue
Blue Point
Coat length:
Oliver and Olivia (Cricket)- Bonded Siblings; Brother and Sister. -  Looking For a permanent Loving "Inside Only" Forever Home Together. 

Oliver and Cricket are bonded siblings with very sweet,  wonderfully intelligent personalities; gentle, shy, and rolls over wanting their bellies, neck, and ears rubbed . Oliver and Olivia or "Cricket" as I call her are a very young duo of 2 years and have recently coming out and learning what play-time is all about since they have been allowed to roam the entire house now. They are all curious about everything. 

They, both, have a beautiful, soft grey and white coat with white mitted paws and neck.  Both are  sweet-hearts and cuddle-bugs that fall over and curl in a ball just waiting to be loved. Oliver is a bit shyer and isnt completely comfortable being picked up off the floor yet, however, he will get there. Once he sees you reaching for him, he drops to the floor immediately and rolls on his back waiting for you to love and rub him. At dinner time, they have no problem being first in line.

  These babies are precious, gentle cuddle bugs, and, more than anything, would love to share a loving secure "inside" home  together. 

 Olivia "Cricket" is a beautiful attentive little  girl with a tiny voice. She doesnt "meow; and, you have to listen carefully to hear her tiny "squeak" Shes precious and sounds like a mouse or cricket chirp" She is very inquisitive and loves toy mice. She has recently started exploring the bed and showing her interest by joining me at night. She lays next to me on her back with her feet in the air. Shes definitely happy!  She knows that hands are for LOVE.. Cricket and her sister (Annabella) are the first in line for dinner. They get excited as they watch you make dinner, both, start squeaking before you have time to place their plate on the floor.  

  Oliver is a very hansom sweet outgoing little boy with very soft gray/white coat. He loves to be gently touched and rubbed all over. He will come to you and roll over for love and cuddled, especially, for you to love on his ears and neck but, hes not completely comfortable having his feet lifted off the floor, yet. Were working with him. Oliver was rescued and were not sure if he was picked up and loved very much. Though, he is a lover-boy.

Oliver is shy around strangers, but, is very curious and wants to be where you are. He climbs a 7 ft. door to be in the room where the people are. He doesnt want to be alone. 

  Oliver and "Cricket" are spayed/neutered, wormed, deflead. "Cricket" has a microchip. Both have received annual shots. If interested in seeing more photos or meeting the babies, please, contact us and well send an adoption application. A small tax-deductible donation of $65 is required to help another homeless baby. A discount is given for the adoption of both babies. I dont text or carry a cell phone.  If no answer, please leave a message and well return your call asap. 
Once we talk, we will send an adoption application and set a convenient day and time to meet the babies.

Personality traits
Sweet, playful, Adorable, Affectionate, Gentle


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