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Steel (&Silver)   

In shelter Cat

Herndon, VA, 20172
Pet name:
Steel (&Silver)
Russian Blue
Steel age 4 (bonded pair with Silver) - loving grey cat with hints of white in discreet places. Steel would like nothing more than being a lap cat and receiving 24/7 attention, but she is also OK with spending time alone or hanging out with her sister Silver. Steel prefers to pet herself by rubbing all up against her owner. She would rather initiate. If you try initiate she will become a pancake and slink out of reach. She wants to be pet on her terms but once she decides she wants affection she never wants it to end. She is sweet to her core just a little confused on how to "cat" sometimes. She gets into a "Zone" with head and ear scrunches to the point that she will purr with pleasure.
Steel is very vocal and sociable. She will hide when new people are in the house, but will make friends with visitors, given some time. She likes her treats and food to be delivered in her bowl. She loves to make biscuits and suckle at the same time, plush fleece fabrics are preferred. She also occasionally wants to cuddle up under the sheets with you.
Steel likes feather wands, laser pointers and catnip toys. She is quite a gymnast when chasing her toys. She occasionally can do insanely high leaps. She and her sister, Silver, nicely take turns going after the wand or laser beam when playing together. Where one cat is, you can usually find the other - sometimes zooming through the house playing chase, other times lazing around together on a cat tree.
Three litter boxes are required for the two cats.
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