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In shelter Cat

Rootstown, OH, 44272
Pet name:
Russian Blue
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Myra here,

I had a litter of kittens and some kind people took me with them, when they moved to their new home.They think I am russian blue mix, but that is just a guess.I have the most beautiful eyes. I was an outside homeless cat and they took pity on me.I could not live with them, because I am terrified of dogs.I saw some of my best friends taken out by dogs.I puff into the hedgehog look and howl like a tiger, when I see them. I dont attack, because I know I will end up with the short end of the stick.I saw that happen many times.I am somewhat of a loner, but it depends on the cat if we get along.I had been in survival mode, for the first year of my life year. Most babies dont get that far. It was terrible living on the jungle streets. I got lucky and was adopted nearly 3 years ago, but circumstances changed and my new home needs to return me. My person is handicapped and cant keep up with litter sweeping. Like some cats, I only like to be petted for so long, or I can get overstimulated and bite. I may not be not be good around children or dogs.I am shy and love my person deeply. I love to lay next to my person and follow them around.I am very loyal.This change will be hard on me, but necessary. I enjoy being loved and the comfort of a home. I think being with you would be perfect.Please love me ......

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