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In shelter Dog

Kingwood, TX, 77339
Pet name:
Gray / Blue / Silver
Coat length:
Sofie - Schnauzer Mix - Female - 10 yrs -

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Meet Sofie: Sofie came to us when her female human passed away and the neighboring foster family was able to take her in. Sofie is about 10 years old, has had all of her vaccines updated and had a few teeth pulled during a recent dental. Her eyesight isnt the greatest, and neither is her hearing, but that does not slow her down or diminish her personality or Joy of life.\xa0
She enjoys going on walks,\xa0 and has been known to greet other dogs vocally, unless she is told otherwise. She is easily redirected, but will take advantage of an inexperienced handler. She will happily voice her opinion when she wants something, like dinner, more water in her bowl, or to announce visitors.

She can be quite energetic and prances when happy, she is crate trained and will easily enter her crate for a treat or her food, and will also vocalize when she thinks that the dinner service is too slow for her liking. Sofie is good with other dogs, she particularly likes\xa0handsome male dogs, she will try to engage some dogs to play with her, but mainly lives parallel.

Sofie is moderately cuddly, she will accept pets and affection, but gets bored quickly when sitting on your lap and will move on in search of another spot to rest. She will take advantage of an unguarded, open front door and run out, but is easily trained to stop when supervised. Sofie rides well in the car and enjoys outings.\xa0\xa0\xa0

Sofie is looking for a moderately active house that will take her for occasional walks, gives her multiple opportunities to spend supervised time outside during the day, and lets her follow her family around the house. She can live as an only dog or with another compatible dog.

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