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In shelter Dog

Peyton, CO, 80831
Pet name:
#### Hi, Im Ruthie. I am a Mini Schnauzer and I am three years old. Life has gotten better for me since I came to this place called NMDR. Im pretty busy learning new stuff and getting to do new things. 

First, we get to go outside almost every day. Sometimes we go into a big play area inside if the weather is crying and getting teardrops on us. Who wants that! Id rather play inside then but when the sun is shining, I love to be outside. I like to saunter around the yards and check everything out. My nose is a great sniffer and I read lots of pee mail. The other dogs can be silly and I love to watch them! They arent playing any games I know yet so I like to watch and try and learn. Maybe someday I will join them but I may just like to witness the wildness. 

These creatures they call staff and volunteers are weird. They tell me to wait then they touch me and pick me up! Im not a fan, but they do always take me outside - which I love! - after they do it. They are teaching me to walk on a leash which is new and also a bit different. Ive never done anything like this before so I sometimes just stand still and play statue but I will keep practicing. 

I really like this place now that I am more used to it. I will need some time to settle into my furever home too. I need a quiet home with no children under age 16. I need a fence that is at least 4 feet tall and a confident friend who is around my size. I am 10 lbs so they should be small too. If you would like to meet me, please apply at

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Prior to being rescued, many of our dogs have experienced minimal socialization. As a result, there is often an adjustment period when learning about life as a family pet. We typically do not adopt to homes with young children. Homes with older children will be considered on an individual basis. Common skills such as house training and leash walking will often take a little extra time. Patience, understanding and a gentle hand are a must. Many of our dogs will need fenced yards and a confident dog in the family. The great news is, most of these dogs come around rather quickly and being a part of their rehabilitation is an extremely rewarding experience. Learn about mill dogs and fill out an application at our website: