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In shelter Dog

Bedminster, NJ, 07921
Pet name:
Apricot / Beige
Bless sweet Sugars heart...she and her friend (Spice, whos also available) were adopted from a local humane society then left behind when their owner filed bankruptcy.  Shelters were so over capacity that I guess he thought leaving them behind at a house they had known for 3 years was better than dumping them in a strange neighborhood.  Thank goodness for nosy neighbors though, right?  Poor sweet Sugar looked so pitiful sauntering up to the neighbor with her head ducked in shame because she looked so pitiful with her hairless back due to flea dermatitis. 

Sugar is not ashamed anymore though.  She is recovering nicely with the help of some good, medicated shampoo and regular flea medication.  Sugar was a great name because she is sweet and playful and always good to have around.  Shes also very adventurous and smart.  If there is a way to get out of the yard, shell find it.  She likes to roam, but doesnt go very far very fast and is always up for a ride in the car to get home.

Shes needs a little more time on potty training, but with some patience and consistency were positive shell get the hang of it again.  She is kennel trained and doesnt chew on much.  An occasional stuff animal wont make it past the 8 second bell, but her foster says she has not chewed up anything important which is definitely a benefit in an older dog.  We think shes a shar-pei mix because she has a lot of wrinkles under her neck and on her back.

If you’d like more information on this angel, please go to and complete an application.  The submission of the application will prompt a phone call.  Once we’ve discussed the pet with you and deem a potential fit, we’ll set up a meet and greet (either virtual or in person) at which time we can also conduct a home visit.  If this goes well, we will verify your references, both vet and personal (if necessary).  If all checks out, we’ll contact you to discuss further adoption arrangements such as transportation.  Transport costs will apply on top of the pet’s adoption fee, which varies depending on the animal.

We reserve the right to deny adoption.  Our job as a rescue is to ensure that the animals we save are able to leave their past behind and live their best life.

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