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In shelter Dog

Calhoun, GA, 30701
Pet name:
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Meet BUBBLES! Her name matches her personality perfectly. She is playful, vibrant, loyal, loving, curious, and full of life! Although she is still young and has puppy energy, she is well-behaved and listens, especially after some outside playtime. She loves playing with her foster dog sibling but also loves lying in someones lap, relaxing, and getting cuddles and belly rubs. Her favorite toys to play with (besides other dogs) are stuffed animals and sticks. She usually picks one stick during outside walks and carries it around. She is dog, kid, and cat friendly.

We asked Bubbles foster family a few questions about her:

What cute behaviors does she have? Bubble reminds me of a sweet little curious toddler. She is very quirky and curious. When trying to figure something out, she sticks her big ears straight up and tilts her head to the side out of curiosity.

Best traits? Her best trait is that she listens very well and has been easy to train. She will go to the door & stand up on the door when she has to go potty.

What would the ideal home look like for her? Her options should be wide as she is very well behaved. I would suggest someone who can walk her and keep up with her puppy energy. Bubbles will do well in a home of many or a home of one.


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