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Mia Amor   

In shelter Dog

Homestead, FL, 33030
Pet name:
Mia Amor
Mia Amor is a small shepherd mix, She was surrendered by her owner after she delivered 10 puppies.   We believe she is about 20 months to two years old. Approximate date of birth September 2020.

Mia Amor will be spayed, microchipped, heartworm tested on July 20, 2022. She has been given flea protection and is up to date on her worming.

Mia is a family dog. She loves being with people. If you are in the house she wants to be in the house, if you are in the yard she wants to be in the yard with you. Mia has her inside toys. She will carry her toys around the house or leave them in her bed. She has never bothered anything that wasn’t hers, like your shoes. Mia is totally potty trained. She is pleasant in the house, at times resting her head on the arm of your chair so you can give her a nice pet. She gets along with other dogs and cats. Mia Is young with a medium energy level. Once she plays for a while she is ready for a long nap.

Mia was a puppy herself when she had a litter of 10. She behaves in her foster home as if she is grateful for receiving so much love and comfort. Mia has not had much training but she Is very attentive to you so she can pick up cues on what you want her to do. Mia always comes to you on your first call. She loves people.

We are looking for someone to love her back. 


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