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In shelter Dog

Manhattan, NY, 10009
Pet name:
4 years, Shep Mix, 58lbs (about 15lbs overweight), Spayed female

If interested in adopting please read everything written below and submit an adoption application ( if the pup seems like a good fit for your family. 

Please Note: We can not guarantee breed mix or age. Both are an educated guess.

Home Recommendation: Sweet girl looking to get to a healthy weight. Lady found herself at the shelter when her mom died of Covid. This poor girls life was all of a sudden upside down, she did not like the shelter and clearly was very used to having a papered life full of love (and way too many snacks: though she might disagree). Lady is a super sweet and docile and pretty chill for her breed. Shes working on getting in better shape: the poor thing was clearly overfed and under exercised. Lady would make a great addition to any family that is ready to commit to dog ownership. Many people are often attracted to this breed mix but arent the right fit: Lady could be your chance to own a shepherd mix as shes a pretty good girl. Her owner should have more experience than just petting a dog on the street: should be comfortable taking care of dogs. But as far shep mixes go: shes a slam dunk. 

Her Foster Mom Says: Ive only known Lady for a short while as her foster, but I knew what an absolute sweetheart she is from the moment I met her. She has the beauty and grace of a proper German Shepherd, but pocket sized (well, about 50lbs). She loves her food and snacks, and has been known to use ninja-like stealth to steal a thing or two from the pantry. You cant get mad though, because shell look up at you with big sparkly eyes and win you over immediately. She really loves spending quality time with her humans, and getting hours and hours of pets and cuddles. She makes her humans feel so special and loved, and shes always so happy to see you. Shes also a pretty great TV-watching buddy. But thats in her down time. She also LOVES HER WALKS. I think walking is probably her favorite thing of all time. You can tell, because shes definitely a bit overly-enthusiastic on her walks. Shes not reactive to other dogs, and shes very sweet with kids, but she does pull at the start of a walk from sheer excitement. Seh does a high prey-drive for small critters so something a future adopter just needs to be mindful of when on walks. Shes also really committed to keeping her family safe. Shes super smart, receptive to training, and will always go check out strange noises. Shes really delightful and has the sweetest soul. She would make a great fit for someone who has lots of love to give, and can handle the quirks of a working breed. Lady is a dream of a dog. This 4 year-old shepherd is obedient, chill, and lives for the rubs! She seems to love meeting dogs and may be a good fit for a home that already has a pup. Lady is more feline than canine -- she comes in from her walks and lays down between petting sessions. No attachment anxiety when you leave; shes just happy to hop in the couch and nap. (Shes a good girl when youre home and would never jump on the bed or couch, but all bets are off once you leave.) Her previous owner passed of covid, and it seems like she was raised to be a calm companion for an older friend. 

Energy Level: Medium. Needs at least a 60 minute walk a day (this is a fitness goal she should work up too). But not bouncing off the walls. Currently she can only do a handful of blocks but as she gets her body in shape we want her to be able to have some really good walks. 

Personality: Takes a second to warm up. Not the life of the party but not a wallflower either. Shes interested if you say hi but shes not going to run up to you at full speed. 

House Trained: Yes. No accidents. 

Separation Anxiety & Leash Manners: Completely fine being left home alone. Does great on the leash. 

Cuddle Factor: Medium. Loves to get some solid affection but doesnt need to be all over you. 

Mouthiness: Low. Very respectful with her mouth. Doesnt chew on stuff shes not supposed to and doesnt engage in mouthy behavior: doesnt put her mouth on her humans. 

Good With Other Dogs: Yes! Shes a friendly girl. She would do well in a home with another calm dog. She wouldnt want to live with a high energy dog. 

Good with Cats: Has not been cat tested. But we can cat- test for approved adopters. Its 50/50 if shell pass. 

Good with kids?: Good with respectful kids 8 and up. 

Medical Status: Spayed and microchipped. Up to date on vaccines - Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella. Treated with de-wormer upon intake. Needs to lose about 15lbs: extremely important for her health. 

How Did They End Up With Social Tees: Left at a high volume shelter in TN due to her owner dying of covid. Our rescue pattern pulled her and had her vetted and transported to NYC. While in Social Tees care they are kept in attentive and loving foster homes. Many dogs are rescued from TN due to the lack of Spay and Neuter and a much smaller population of humans seeking dogs. In NYC we have a large human population which in turn means they find forever homes :) 

PLEASE NOTE: This animal is not at the Social Tees office all of our dogs and cats are in foster homes while they wait to find their forever families. :) If youd like to apply to adopt this pet, please complete an adoption application at Because we are a small team and receive hundreds of applications each week, we are unable to respond to every application and every inquiry email, but we do our best. Please have patience! If your application is approved, you will for sure hear from us. If you have questions, please take a look at the Adoption and Fostering FAQs etc. on our website as all common questions are answered there. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility as we work to save these innocent lives!! 

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