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In shelter Dog

River Forest, IL, 60305
Pet name:
Apricot / Beige
Coat length:
Hello, I am Izzy and I am a 5 month young Shephard mix.  I was found as a stray but no one knows how long I was out there roaming around. It was a little scary for me because I am a young girl and I just didnt know what to do or how to find food. I got picked up but no one claimed me so I came to Treasured Animal Rescue where I am treated like a Princess!  

My foster mom tells me that I have very, very long legs and big paws, just like a runway model.  She says that I will be a large doggie but that I will still be beautiful, (she called me stunning) because I have the softest, prettiest and cuddliest fur.  I dont mind going in my crate and I keep it really clean. I dont really bark much.

In my foster home I have another little puppy that I get to play with and there are some oldie doggies that just roll their eyes at us youngins.  I like the little Human boy that lives here.  I am your typical puppy where I play bite and have energy but my foster Mom is teaching me all the things puppies need to learn to be good girls.  I hope my family can keep up with what Im learning.  My foster Mom says Im super smart & a fast learner.  My Rescuers think I would do be best with another young dog that can teach me all the things puppies need to learn.

I am a typical puppy girl, my favorite thing is just to play, play and more play and when I am done with that I must take a nap.  Growing and playing takes a lot of energy.  There is a doggie here and he is teaching me tons of stuff so I like to follow him everywhere.  There is also a kitty and I love to play with the kitty. My foster mom has kids and I just love them too. What can I say, I am a true socialite. 

But enough about me!  I am just a puppy and my whole life in front of me.  I cant wait to meet my family and play and also learn all I need to learn to become a proper lady. Is that you? I would love to meet you. I can tell that I will be happy forever and that there is a life out there where I dont have to be afraid and find my own food.  I am also happy that I will be in a home that will be fun in the summer and warm in the winter.  I promise that I will put a big smile on your face every day of my life and that I will warm your heart whenever you see me. 

Until then, 
Love Izzy

Izzy is fostered in Chicago/Humbolt Park area.     To meet Izzy please complete an adoption application at  
Unfortunately we cannot accept adoption from out of the state of IL 

Thanks for choosing to adopt.