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In shelter Dog

St. Helens, OR, 97051
Pet name:
Shadow and Loki the dynamic duo. We would like to introduce you to our recent addition to the CHS family. Loki and Shadow were brought into the CHS program after they got into trouble with some livestock. They are unable to be rehomed in Columbia County and must not have access to any livestock in their new homes. Secure fencing and a home check will be done prior to Loki and Shadow being able to go to their new forever homes. These dogs come as a pair and we are unwilling to separate them as Shadow is pretty dependent on Loki. We feel that after all they have been through the past few months that they deserve to at least get to stay together as a pair. They are very sweet together and love to play. A large yard is going to be a must with these guys as they are pretty active.Loki is known to be an escape artist and Shadow will just follow along for the ride. We dont recommend a home with cats as they seem to be pretty fun to chase. Shadow is approximately a year old. This beautiful Black German Shepherd is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. She is currently a little underweight from the stress of being in the shelter but should weigh approximately 70-75lbs We are currently working on her obedience as well as her recall. She loves to spend time with her brother playing and chasing each other around. She has a great love for toys. This girl is strong, and does pull on her leash when she goes for walks. Loki is roughly 5 years old. This beautiful Siberan Husky is a big kid, he weighs roughly 85lbs and uses all his strength given the opportunity. Loki is very friendly, he hasnt met a person that he doesnt love. He loves to play with his squeaky toys and can be found spending his afternoons laying in the warm sun bathing himself. Loki is a very independent thinker like most huskies. He does need a little more work on his training. When he is excited he pulls really hard on his leash. Their adoption fee will be $250.00 each that will include being current on all vaccinations, microchipped, being treated for worms and for fleas. If you are interested in meeting this dynamic duo please email Please note that we prefer to converse regarding adoption via email as most of our days are spent in the kennels caring for the animals in our care. Also if you are not interested in this pair please do not apply. We wont split them up.For more information call 503-397-4353 or email


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