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In shelter Dog

Surrey, BC, V3S 9M6
Pet name:
Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)
Meet Lucy! 

Lucy is a beautiful 1 year old Shepherd mix. She is medium size, weighing 50 lbs.

Lucy was found homeless on the streets of Tlajomulco, Mexico. She was seen following people around the neighbourhood, as though hoping someone would bring her home. She was extremely underweight and malnourished. The rescue stepped in and Lucy moved in with a foster family in Guadalajara.

Lucy is thriving in the family environment. She is personable and friendly with both adults and kids. In fact, she loves the kids in her foster family very much When meeting strangers for the first time, Lucy is initially shy but warms up pretty quickly. Overall she does well when meeting new people and new dogs in the neighbourhood.

Lucy currently lives with doggy siblings and she gets along well with all of them. She is a playful pup, so she really enjoys dogs who like to play and run around with her. She does not resource guard or behave dominantly towards the other dogs. Lucy isnt a big fan of cats, so no kitty siblings for this girl please.

Lucys energy level is medium, meaning she loves her activity time just as much as she loves her down time. She is house trained and very good on the leash. Check out the video of how nicely Lucy walks with the little girl in her foster family.

In terms of obedience training, Lucy is still working on basic obedience. With practice and consistency, Lucy should be able to pick this up quickly. Obedience classes would be a great option for her.

Lucy has been vet checked, spayed, fully vaccinated, and dewormed. She is eagerly waiting to meet her forever family and she will travel to BC when her perfect home is found. 

**PLEASE NOTE: There will be an additional $225 transport fee to have the pup transported to Canada due to COVID restrictions. This will be discussed upon approval.**


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