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Whitewater, WI, 53190
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Meet Millie! 

Hey there, my name is Millie, and have I got a story to tell you! You see, I spent my entire 5-ish years living with 50 (you heard right, FIFTY) other dogs and cats. Yep, a hoarding situation. With that comes a little bit of work from you, for a lot of love from my 40 pound self! I get along well with other dogs, and actually, I would do best with another dog who would help me come out of my shell and teach me life isnt scary. I really like playing with others, but my type of play might be a little off putting to some, because I like my front peets (feet) up in the air, and I really like running and chasing others. So, a dog who isnt going to think Im fighting them is a must. I also get along okay with cats, but sometimes I think they are trying to play when they arent, so a dog savvy cat would be best if you have one. I get along well with teenagers too! Im completely potty trained using potty pads inside, and I even try to get my poops on the pads, but since Im a walking pooper, thats a little hard to do all the time. Foster mom is really working hard with me to go outside to do my business, but its a little scary out there! Dont you worry though, Im going pee all the time out there, and foster mom says #2 outside all the time is next! Okay, enough poop talk, Im a lady! Id likely do well with kids who can tell me "down" if I get too excited by them, and ones I can run and play with, but I might knock really little ones over until I know better.

Im a little timid when you first meet me, but once I warm up, Ill be glued right to you. I look to my person for security, and while Im learning to walk on a leash, its very short intervals right now. Short and sweet walks, but eventually I could take longer walks. I should probably have a fenced in yard, but as long as I have a patient human, I wouldnt need one. Im learning what life should have been like all along and have started getting some zoomies, running through the house, showing everyone how happy and excited I am. In the same respect, Ill sit right next to you all day long, watching your every move, admiring everything you do! I really want someone to see my potential, and show me just how much love I deserve! Maybe that could be you?

Alberts Dog Lounge is a specialty rescue focusing primarily on senior and special needs dogs.

Our process includes an approved application, reference checks, a homevisit, and then a meet and greet with the dog. Adoption fee is $275. Learn more about Alberts Dog Lounge, our mission, and adoption policies by visiting

Begin your application process by copying this link into your web browser:

WI Dept. Of Agriculture License Number: 474085-DS

Disclaimer: It is VERY difficult even for a veterinarian to tell the exact age of a dog over two years old. From one vet to another, we can get different age estimates on the same dog and they can vary by several years. We are only making an educated guess based on a few factors like teeth, fur color, and overall body condition, but for dogs who have not been given adequate vet care and food, it can be even more difficult. Every dog is an individual, and we do our very best to age appropriately but make no guarantees as to the age of any dog in our program.


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