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In shelter Dog

Peyton, CO, 80831
Pet name:
Shiba Inu
#### Lillia is a beautiful Shiba Inu coming in at 22 pounds. She is working hard on her confidence and bravery. Lillia loves to be outside and enjoy the Colorado air, and has started to work on leash walking (but still has a lot of work to do). She is starting to approach her human friends here at our facility for treats, which is a great sign. Lillia is also working on getting comfortable being handled by her human friends, and will need an experienced, very patient family who will work with her. She needs a home with no children under the age of 16, and - as shes an extreme flight risk - her new home needs a yard with a secure five-foot fence to help keep her safe. Lillia has been picky with her dog friends, but we think that she will do best with the right laid back canine adoptive sister to show her the way. Our team will keep working with Lillia to help her become the amazing dog we know is in there just waiting to emerge. 

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Prior to being rescued, many of our dogs have experienced minimal socialization. As a result, there is often an adjustment period when learning about life as a family pet. We typically do not adopt to homes with young children. Homes with older children will be considered on an individual basis. Common skills such as house training and leash walking will often take a little extra time. Patience, understanding and a gentle hand are a must. The great news is, most of these dogs come around rather quickly and being a part of their rehabilitation is an extremely rewarding experience. Learn about mill dogs and complete an application at our website: