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In shelter Dog

Rye, NH, 03870
Pet name:
Shih Tzu
This sweet girl, along with her sister Louise, came from a puppymill breeder who was experimenting with "designer breeding". He crossed a Beagle with a Shih Tzu. These two girls did not get the best of either parent. In fact, they were almost feral when we got them. My guess is they had never been out of their cages in the barn. Thelma was pregnant by a Shih Tzu and gave us 6 adorable puppies who went to their new homes just last month. Thru this adventure Thelma and I have bonded and she is now my "Velcro" dog. Still very timid and easily frightened, but now she comes to me for protection instead of running away. She still needs a lot of TLC from her new family to earn her trust but she has come as far as she can with me. Her biggest fear now is other dogs who might bully her. In a peaceful home with a gentle dog or cat, no children, a fenced yard, and someone who wants to help her learn the world is not all bad and she will be safe, she will make a very sweet, devoted, gentle companion. You will never be lonesome with Miss Thelma in your life. She is a great cuddle buddy, and when she looks into your eyes you can not help but want to make her feel safe and loved. She is 4 yrs old and adoption fee is $400We do not charge an adoption fee, but do ask a donation to reimburse for our expenses. We are a 501c3 charity, all donations are tax deductible. We are not a brick & mortar shelter. All of our dogs are fostered in private homes. If you would like to help with fostering, please submit an adoption application

NOTE: We do not generally adopt outside of New England

Each dog will be spayed/neutered, heartworm tested (negative, unless stated otherwise), treated for parasites, and up to date on shots. While we are vigilant to get everyone as healthy as possible before we send them off to start their new lives, it is to be expected that, after the stress of traveling across the country from Kansas, (where most of our dogs are rehabilitated), and going to a new home, they will probably need to be retreated for parasites. We want to stress that your new friend needs to be seen by your veterinarian within the first week of arrival.
We absolutely guarantee a happy adoption, or you MUST return the dog and we will undo the contract. If you are not happy, the dog is not happy, and we are not happy. We are in this to make the dogs happy.
See more about us and to get an application form, go to our web site; Not much happens until we receive your application.

And check out our latest adventures on our Facebook page;

You may contact us at: We do not respond to inquiries until we have an application from you.
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