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In shelter Dog

Van Nuys, CA, 91409
Pet name:
Shih Tzu
Coat length:
Is your lap cold and empty? Do your hands yearn for a belly to scratch? Do you feel lonely when you go for walks? When you make dinner, do you long to have a family member stalk you, ready to perform their best Hoover vacuum impersonation? Then we have the best friend you never knew you needed in your life!

Meet Miss Cleo. This 5.5 year old, 14 lb cuddle monster is looking to be your soulmate. Your someone to complete you and shower you with more love than you ever thought was possible.

Miss Cleo’s mission in life is to be someone’s lap warmer and belly-scratch recipient. She waits eagerly by the door for her person to come home and when they do (even if they were only gone for 20 minutes), she showers them with kisses, play nibbles and happy grunts. Every day is a Rod Stewart song asking if she’s told you lately that she loves you? And she can’t wait to meet you!

Before she came to our rescue, Cleo went thru a lot, and lost an eye through the ordeal. But in our experience, this sort of journey just makes dogs love their forever people that much more. And she gets around just fine with her one eye.

Besides cuddling, eating and snorting, Cleo’s favorite pastimes include car rides, enjoying a jaunt around the neighborhood and stretching out on the sofa for a cozy evening in. Cleo believes she deserves ALL the attention -- we humbly agree -- and because of this, she would prefer to be an only dog.

If you are looking for someone to share your life with fully, this devilishly cute little girl deserves your consideration.

If youre interested in adopting this pet please fill out our matchmaking questionnaire:

We are volunteer based and will do our best to get back to you within 72 hours. Please do not call as our phone is intended for emergencies only. If we feel that one of our dogs is a good match we will set up a private meet and greet We do not have a physical location where you can come and meet all the dogs at once, so meet and greets may take a little time to coordinate. Our requested adoption donation is $350 and all adopters are required to fill out an adoption agreement.