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In shelter Dog

Youngstown, OH, 44513
Pet name:
Shih Tzu
Red / Chestnut / Orange
Coat length:
Meet Amelia! Approx 10 years old 15 lbs 

Likes:\xa0 Food.\xa0 Snacks.\xa0 Anything to do with food or snacks.\xa0 Nylabone Chew Things, Dr. Mercola Dental Bones, Naps on the Couch, Doggie Beds 

Favorite Snack:\xa0 No favorite snack, shes not finicky when it comes to snacks.\xa0 Loves dehydrated Salmon Snacks, Chicken Treats, even likes Organic Green Peppers and Carrot pieces 

Eating Schedule:\xa0 Amelia eats twice a day, morning and evening.\xa0 She also gets snacks after we come in from potty time and sometimes gets a special midday snack and also likes a little snack before bed.

Signal for Potty:\xa0 She does not signal, shes pretty much just on a schedule, starting with going out first thing in the morning and of course after naps and after eating.\xa0 However, if she goes by the door and is acting very restless, she likely needs to go.

Personality:\xa0 Amelia has such a pleasant personality, very sweet.\xa0 Likes to be where her people are.\xa0 While she likes attention, shes not demanding when it comes to wanting petted and loved.\xa0 

Temperament:\xa0 Pretty chill little girl, mostly just goes with the flow.\xa0 Except for mealtimes....she does not like waiting for her food to be prepared and will let you know with some barking.\xa0 :) :) 

Energy Level:\xa0 Not very high.\xa0 Walks are fine with her, if you dont mind moving at the speed of Sloth, haha.\xa0 Shell trot around the fenced in backyard as well.\xa0 Shell occasionally play with toys also.

Favorite Activities:\xa0 Eating.\xa0 Sniffing around outside.\xa0 Chewing on nylabones and other similar toys.\xa0 Napping on the couch.\xa0 

Good with cats, dogs, and kids over 6??:\xa0 Unsure of cats.\xa0 Shes fostered with other small dogs and has been great with them, except for one that isnt so nice to her sometimes.\xa0 She has not been around kids but with her vision and hearing issues, probably no toddlers as they might unintentionally hurt her by tripping over her or running into her

Not Good With:\xa0 Dogs that harass her.\xa0 

Housetrained:\xa0 Yes, as long as one keeps up with taking her out.\xa0 

Crate Trained:\xa0 No.\xa0 Amelia does not like crated.\xa0 

Challenges:\xa0 No major challenges, though there will likely be the need for an adjustment period when placed in a new home (as likely for most dogs), especially given her vision and hearing limitations, until she learns the new environment and gets comfy.

Any Medical Issues??:\xa0 Not currently, all prior medical issues have been treated and resolved.\xa0 She does have diminished vision and hearing but it does not seem to affect her daily living.\xa0 She navigates the home and outdoors very well and she probably hears more than we believe ("selective hearing"??hehe) She may be prone to continual skin issues/ear iinfections and will need someone who is prepared to monitor for this and seek vet care. 

What Would be the Best Kind of Home??:\xa0 The best kind of home for Amelia is one where she can just relax and feel safe and be spoiled.\xa0 She had quite the crappy life before coming into rescue, suffering due to severe neglect, but she is now a healthy dog, enjoying foster care.\xa0 Due to her vision/hearing issues, she does tend to sometimes get underfoot so a home with lots of active kids likely would not be ideal.\xa0 When she is sleeping and is touched (time to wake her) she will startle and usually jumps, not aggressive at all, but something to note.\xa0 Amelia just needs an easy street now where she will be lovingly taken care of and feels free to just be herself.\xa0

 Our adoption process starts with our application. Once the application is approved, a member of Legacy will contact you to set up a home visit. The home visit usually last 1-1 1/2 hours and is to make sure our dog and any current dogs/cats are getting along, as well as both of us agreeing its a fit. At this time the adoption fee is due, and begins the 2 week trial. We will check in during the 2 week trial. If its not working, our dog is returned to the foster home and all except $100.00 {$75 if Senior} of the adoption fee is returned. At the end of the 2 week trial, you decide if you will finalize the adoption - if finalized, the Adoption Contract is signed and all medical records are turned over to you. If at any time you need to rehome the dog it contractually needs to be returned to Legacy Dog Rescue.

Puppies under 6 months:\xa0 $199.00
Adults:\xa0 $150.00
Seniors (over 7 yrs):\xa0 $99.00

If you are interested in one of our dogs please fill out an application:


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