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In shelter Dog

Millersville, MD, 21108
Pet name:
Siberian Husky

If you have additional questions please email info@huskyrescueteam.orgMeet the Top Gun call sign puppies! These babies were living in terrible conditions for the first several months of their lives. They were kept in a wooden pen in the dirt and never knew the comforts of a home.

We have since welcome them to our program and are now accepting applications for their forever homes. There are three males: Maverick, Iceman, Goose and two females: Jester and Viper. They each are beginning to show their individual personality and we will be matching the puppies to their families based on compatibility. They are just over 12 weeks old with a date of birth of 6/1/2022.

We are requiring Adopters to have either Siberian Husky experience or have done ample research! If youve never owned a husky before you must be prepared to be educated! Their dad is purebred Siberian Husky and their mom is a Husky/lab mix. Because they are mostly Husky, we can only assume they will have prey drives (its in the Husky DNA!). Therefore if you have small animals you must be prepared with a plan to separate and rotate indefinitely should they not be able to live harmoniously with small animals as they grow. You will be asked to provide this plan if you apply and have small animals.

These guys are just getting to see the world for the first time and will need homes who have lots of patience, will gradually expose them to different environments and stimulation, and have other young canine friends for them to play with. Its important we continue their socialization since theyre off to a late start. Their adoption area should be within driving distance to Davidsonville, Maryland or Mount Laurel, New Jersey where they will be spayed and neutered at 6 months of age. We will consider exceptions on a limited basis if a spay/neuter plan can be established BY the time they are 6 months - no exceptions to this rule!

The Top Gun Call Signs litter is exceptional. Theyre sweet babies who need just the right families. Education And Rescue Team is a foster based rescue. Our dogs are in our foster homes all up and down the east coast. We do not have a facility in which you can visit. We find this a huge benefit because we learn our dogs and are able to educate our adopters on what its like to have them live in your home. Part of our process, once pre-approved, is to speak with the foster for the dog youre interested in. If youre still interested in adopting from our rescue the first step is to complete our adoption application online at

If you have additional questions please email