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Tink Tink   

In shelter Dog

Gillsville, GA, 30543
Pet name:
Tink Tink
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Tink Tink loves people and attention. She is very food motivated and would be easily trained. Tink Tink is special in that she really loves men, but dont worry ladies, she still wants all the affection you and kids (older she tends to jump) have to offer. She definitely does not want any cats in the household to share her attention. We are listing her as dog selective (interested in them) because she is not truly socialised with dogs, but could respond well to training and patience. She is crate trained and has not had any accidents in the house. We estimate she was born in early 2016 and is med/large at 45-50 lbs. Tink Tink is a strong girl that doesnt know her size, so someone who can handle and direct her wiggly energy would be ideal. This big ol lovebug has been waiting a long time to be part of a family. Tink Tink would love a foster or forever home. Meet this wiggle bottom today:


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